10 Deep Sea Fish You'd Rather Not Meet

The sea is filled to the brim with creatures that look out of this world. There is a lot to be terrified of in the parts of the ocean where sunlight never reaches. The fact that only 5% of the ocean has been explored means that the terrifying sea species on today’s list are just the beginning. Can you fathom what other creatures might be lurking in the dark depths of the ocean? The deeper you go the weirder the creatures get. From prehistoric sharks to the black dragonfish, known for inspiring alien movies, you’re about to see it all. Here are 10 Deep Sea Fish You'd Rather Not Meet.

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The Frilled Shark

A list of frightening sea monsters would be incomplete without a Shark. While all sharks terrify us, some species go above and beyond to frighten us out of the water. This is best demonstrated by the Frilled Shark. Frilled Sharks are the last of a long line of sharks dating back to the Jurassic period. We don't know much about them, but the little we do know is enough to keep us away from them. These living dinosaurs have more than 300 barbed backward-facing teeth that will grip onto anything.

Some experts believe that sharks use their teeth to attract prey to them. The Frilled Shark's dull grey body is practically imperceptible in the water, but their dazzling white teeth are not. Fish and squid may be duped into approaching the Shark's mouth because it looks like food. And by the time they realize their mistake, it's already too late since once this deep-sea monster gets hold of you, there is no getting away.

Angler Fish

Remember the terrifying fish from Finding Nemo, yup that’s an Angler. The anglerfish is arguably one of the world's ugliest creatures to befall this planet. Good thing these short-tempered creatures live in the dark depths of the sea where no one can see them. Sometimes known as "Sea Devils," these fish are the classic example of a deep-sea monster. They skulk at the bottom of the ocean, waiting for unsuspecting prey to approach.

Their mouths are so large that they can consume fish nearly as large as themselves. The fish is best known for the bioluminescent growth on its head, which attracts prey to the ocean's dark depths. The bright "fishing rod" that hangs in front of their mouths gives anglerfish their name. This attracts deep-water fish like moths to a flame.

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