16 Riddles You'll Blast Through If You Got What It Takes

Here're 16 riddles only the bravest minds can crack. They're full of haunted places, strange doors appearing out of nowhere and mysterious creatures. Werewolves, creepy clowns, dangerous mermaids - are all waiting for you to meet them in these tricky brain teasers.

Only true ghostbusters can solve all of these riddles. Will you dare to try? No worries, you'll surely test your mind, analytical skills and your ability to think fast under the pressure of time and psychological tension.


Which box should they choose? 00:00
Which blanket is handmade? 00:40
What scared them? 01:16
Why did Peter record? 02:02
Cut loaf of bread into 5 pieces 02:16
How did he escape? 03:06
Who should they choose? 04:10
What scared him so much? 05:00
Who's lying? 05:30
Who told the truth 06:20
Creepy caves 07:21
Can you see a ghost? 07:57
Help them find the shortest way! 08:17
Who is in danger? 09:00
Three mermaids 09:30
The ring riddle 10:10

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