ASMR - Reset in the forest with me

Please use your headphones to get the best experience from this video.

Hi everyone!

Today I'm taking you with me into the forest. After hiking for a bit near a beautiful waterfall, we decide to settle down near a water source to take the time to enjoy the nature around us.
The ASMR triggers you will encounter are: up close soft-spoken and whispers, nature and water sounds, breathy sounds, fluffy microphone windscreen massage (sounds like a scalp / ear massage), hearing block (ear cupping), mic blowing, breathing exercises, and relaxing visuals from the forest.

0:00 : Intro
3:17 : Footage from the forest
4:11 : Fluffy windscreen massage
8:33 : Nature textures
9:26 : Various sounds and rambling
14:40 : Hearing block
17:37 : Breathing exercises
20:23 : Mic blowing
21:25 : Outro

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