Caskey - True Love Remix (Kanye West x XXXTENTACION DONDA 2)

Was feeling inspired by Ye and X… enjoy.

Beat remake prod by Choc x Taysty
Mix and master by Taysty


Know it’s possible but sometimes it feel impossible
When you fight for what you love you get sorta hostile
Crashed at my place for one night stayed like a hospital
Can’t hang you up girl you worth more than a damn Picasso
First kicked it you was cold, it was sorta hot tho
Tried to wing it, touched your breast we ain’t sit at Roscoe’s
Girl I taught you how to sin but you still the gospel
What would Christ be if he ain’t have the twelve apostles ?
I see through kaleidoscopes and you look colossal
Look at you get full of aw, you ain’t lookin awful
Fuck you till I need a rest like it wasn’t lawful
Wrote you into my future it turned me to an author
When they see you don’t believe it like a flying saucer
Promised you the world when I ain’t have too much to offer
Once you paid me more attention I knew it would cost ya
Thought that we was parallel I never meant to cross ya
I ain’t tryna be a parent letting feelings foster
It’s apparent that I disappointed you it’s awkward
Type of baggage make you pack ya bags move to Rockford
But you stayed took a gamble with me likes it’s Proctor

True love shouldn’t be this complicated
Thought I’d die In your arms

Girl I love your definition is you in an Oxford?
You the only word that I can make out in the crossword
Girl with sugar daddies telling you to get a sponsor
Told me you a flower child not one to be conquered
Love it when you got your attitude flare up your nostrils
Just don’t talk to me like I’m some damn impostor
Digging back into our past like you stare at fossils
Girl I told you that the future where we finna prosper
Say I trigger war wounds make me feel responsible
Instead of telling you I’m sorry I get philosophical
Blame it on being a man like it’s biological
Told you I don’t play no Logic why I’m so illogical
Tried to dine at So Ho House but it wasn’t possible
Said we need a membership don’t even shop at Costco
Act like we rich and boujie but we really not tho
Girl you make me feel at home like your mommas pot roast
Wish that I could say I’m fine without you but it’s not close
Keep on talking we could never have too many convos
Doctor said that you my medicine I need it pronto
My beginning and my end a flower out of compost
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