Exclusive: Thomas Tuchel says it is 'hard to focus only on football' amid Russia invasion of Ukraine

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Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel has told Sky Sports it is "hard to focus only on football" amid Russia's invasion of Ukraine and feels "very privileged" to be a Premier League coach.

Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich was hit by sanctions from the UK government on Thursday morning - resulting in the Russian-Israeli billionaire's assets being frozen, plus "a prohibition on transactions with UK individuals and businesses, a travel ban and transport sanctions".

The sanctions are intended to stop the 55-year-old from making any money in the UK, but the government has granted Chelsea a special licence to allow fixtures to be fulfilled, staff to be paid and existing ticket holders to attend matches.

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00:00 - Thomas Tuchel reiterates disgust at Russia invasion
00:25 - Reflections on the past 24 hours
01:58 - "It is hard to focus only on football" - Tuchel
03:57 - Jurgen Klopp on situation Tuchel is faced with
05:04 - Mikel Arteta says Tuchel will show 'integrity'
05:21 - Frank Lampard says it's a hugely serious situation
07:13 - Has Lampard reassessed his relationship with Abramovich?
07:45 - Rangnick - "Could anyone have forseen this?"
08:52 - Chelsea have asked the government to ease some restrictions
09:51 - Nick Candy still pursuing bid to buy the club

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