Grab Those Units, Smash That Monthly Content | Top 5 Tips For March | Marvel Contest of Champions

In This Video: Top 5 Tips For March▶

Captain Britain Objectives ▶Very Doable with multiple content places, RTTL is the best place but normal difficulty is low energy spend or Arena.

Women of Power ▶ Arena is the Best place to do this based on volume of grind , practise is another option.

Unit Grind For July 4th Prep or Content Clearing▶
113 days – 113 22 hour events = 25 X 113 = 2,825 units
16 Weeks – 32 Arena Rotations = Many units
Full breakdown video will be coming soon.

Side Quest ▶ opens weekly where you get more discs, also the Cavalier objective requires you to finish off champs with female.
going to work on a better breakdown for each fight next week

Endgame Content Prep ▶ This month is a very straight forward month so plan your year and have goals, do solo events, return to old content to grab revives and health potions including ROL where smashing through can grab you lots of Level 3 health potions

0:00 Start and Intro
0:14 Captain Britain Objectives
1:46 Women of Power
3:40 Unit Grind
7:26 Side Quest
9:29 Endgame Content Prep

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