Here's What To Do If You See The Red Moon

Imagine you look out the window at the night sky and see the Moon... but it's red! This image might frighten you but there's no need to be afraid if you see such a thing. Instead, enjoy the view, because you have witnessed a rare astronomical phenomenon. This is a total lunar eclipse. The view in the sky is incredible as the usually whiteish moon becomes red or ruby-brown.

Why does this phenomenon occur? And what makes our Moon turn red? Here're the most fascinating facts about our satellite you must have always wanted to ask. In this video you're gonna learn many cool facts about the Moon, including the plans to build something like the International Space Station in the Moon’s orbit.


Red Moon 00:00
Total Lunar eclipse 00:33
Why it happens 01:10
Standing on the surface of the Moon 01:50
Why it's a rare phenomenon 02:20
Collision with Theia 03:30
The Moon controls the tides 04:52
The Moon doesn't stand still 05:32
Tycho crater 05:50
Moon exploration 06:15
The Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway 08:03

- The Moon revolves around the Earth and completely orbits our planet in 27 days;
- The Earth creates a shadow zone, and sometimes the Moon passes through it;
- All because the Sun's rays pass through the Earth's atmosphere. They scatter, and most of the blue light disappears. But the red and orange rays continue and hit the surface of the Moon;
- If you were standing on the surface of the Moon during a total lunar eclipse, planet Earth would be exactly between you and the Sun. So you would be able to observe the solar eclipse;
- Such a red eclipse of the Moon is rare because several factors must coincide. One of them is that the Moon must be full;
- Theia struck the Earth at an angle. It ripped out part of the Earth's crust and threw it into space;
- The Moon, along with the Sun, controls the tides. Its gravity seems to draw water to it from the Earth's surface;
- The Moon doesn't stand still. It's gradually moving away from our planet. About 1.5 in a year;
- A total of 12 people have set foot on the surface of the Moon;
- The Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway will be a convenient platform for exploring our satellite and launching spacecraft into distant space.

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