Kim Kardashian Called Out For 'Tone Deaf' Business Advice | ET Canada LIVE

Kim Kardashian faces backlash over her "advice for women in business", while Prince William's comment about the war in Ukraine is clarified. Plus, Grimes and Elon Musk secretly welcome a second child and Amy Schumer reveals the real reason she exited the "Barbie" movie. @RozWeston and@Keshia Chante are #LIVEOnFacebook

00:00 - 4:52 ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Viewers Slam Pat Sajak For Being ‘Rude’ To Contestant

4:52 - 11:52 Kim Kardashian’s Advice Sparks Backlash

11:53 - 16:37 Prince William’s Comment About War In Ukraine Clarified

16:38 - 20:24 Grimes & Elon Musk Secretly Welcome Second Child

20:25 - 26:27 Amy Schumer Reveals Real Reason She Left ‘Barbie’

26:28 - 36:17 Erika Casupanan Breaks Down ‘Survivor’ Premiere

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