Mercedes DELETED their Sidepods?

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So Mercedes rocked up to Bahrain testing and seem to have left half of their car behind - they have completely redesigned the rear end of their car to remove the sidepods altogether.

Well, almost. They have slimmed the side of their car down so far, that there is barely a sidepod there. Only really enough to satisfy the regulations.

So what are they doing? And how on earth are they getting enough cooling to that engine?

Let’s go.

So the Mercedes already had a very slim rear-end, with pretty small sidepods that narrowed very tightly over the engine and gearbox at the rear of the car. And this was thought to be so that there is maximum surface area for airflow over the floor.

And lots of teams have been doing this in different ways. Undercuts, holes in the sidepods, narrowing the entire rear of the car - and I’m sure we’re going to see more ideas throughout the season.

And there is good reason for these efforts - the floor works by creating low pressure underneath the car - and the larger the pressure difference the more downforce.

So focusing on generating really clean flow over the top of the floor makes sense, generating more downforce as well as keeping the diffuser working at it’s best.

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