Peter Schiff Joins The Show - Best Business Show w/ Anthony Pompliano - Episode: 160

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0:00 - Countdown
0:25 - START SHOW - Like & Subscribe
3:25 - Defiant L's
4:23 - John Going to FTX Arena
7:03 - Kanye Documentary
10:00 - Skin Care Routine
10:30 - Eight Sleep
13:20 - SoFi
15:00 - Western Rise - Giveaway!
21:00 - Today's Guests - Brett Harrison & Peter Schiff
22:20 - Bitcoin vs. Gold Stats
28:00 - Breatt Harrison LIVE - President of FTX - A Look Into FTX's Business & Strategic Decisions
1:07:22 - Peter Schiff LIVE - Macro Economic Master Class - BITCOIN VS. GOLD DEBATE
1:58:55 - SoFi - Sign Up Today! See You Tomorrow!
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