Taboo When Eating Sushi #Shorts

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5 Things You DON'T Want to Do When Eating SUSHI in Japan

Sushi has a long history in Japan and because of it, there are actually many rules on how to eat them properly. I personally think that you don’t have to follow everything perfectly, but there is one thing that I most certainly recommend you to avoid to simply enjoy the taste of sushi more.

It is… “Putting soy sauce on the rice.” Why?

1. You could accidentally put too much soy sauce
2. The rice will fall apart
3. Some rice might fall into the soy sauce plate and it will look dirty

Putting too much soy sauce on will change the original taste of the sushi. Just a little bit on the tip of the topping is usually recommended. The best way to do so is to first tilt the sushi sideways and then pick it up.

By the way, there are some sushi called 軍艦 Gunkan that has 海苔 nori seaweed wrapped around it. But these kinds are impossible to tilt because the toppings will fall off. In this case, you should use the がり Gari sliced vinegared ginger that always comes together with sushi as a brush to apply soy sauce on the top.

By the way, Gari are originally meant for refreshing your mouth in between eating different kinds of sushi.

*The content is based on personal studies and experience
There is no intention of denying other theories and cultural aspects

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