"The Wiggle Dance!"

Gotta get some wiggles out?? Then it's time to get up and dance! This high-energy song will have you dancing like a wiggly worm, jiggly Jell-O and more!

Wanna keep dancing? Here's some of our other favorite Danny Go dance videos!
The Stomp Clap Dance Song - https://youtu.be/nvDLe3FHcuY
The Animal Dance - https://youtu.be/XS9LX1CXuJA
Just Wanna Jump - https://youtu.be/u2glhGsK3Q8
The Pumpkin Pie Song - https://youtu.be/4DuYa64Rh4g
The Gingerbread Cookie Dance - https://youtu.be/LGy936i36DU

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Do your kids enjoy Blippi, Paw Patrol, or Daniel Tiger? Do they dance to catchy songs like Wheels On The Bus or Baby Shark? Then they'll love Danny Go! Sing fun kids dance songs, learn about colors, shapes & numbers, AND visit exciting places like fire truck stations, trampoline parks, beaches, motorcycle shops and more!

Stream or purchase Danny Go! music:
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