This FOREST is CURSED.....AGAIN!!!! (Gorilla Tag VR)

A Gorilla Tag custom map that's way too bright, and a bit cursed. Subscribe for more!
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In this Gorilla Tag VR video, I played a Gorilla Tag custom map with some of my friends, and it was way too bright. It was also a pretty cursed Gorilla Tag map. Gorilla Tag is the best free vr game on meta oculus quest, meta oculus quest 2, and steam vr virtual reality headsets.
Music Used:
Dawn Amble - Luvbird

"Monkeys Spinning Monkeys"
"Mischief Maker"
Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License
This FOREST is CURSED.....AGAIN!!!! (Gorilla Tag VR)
Gorilla Tag Cursed Forest Custom Map
This Gorilla Tag Map is CURSED

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