Top 5 IT Companies Quantitative Analysis Q3 FY22| Parimal Ade

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Which is the best IT Large Cap Stock? Here is a Detailed Quantitative Analysis of Top 5 IT Companies according to the market Capitalization, which are compared on 20 different parameters.

Key Points Covered :

0:00 Introduction

0:56 Which Parameters are considered for Quantitative analysis?

01:30 Valuation Ratios : PE, EV/EBITDA

02:42 Return Ratio : ROE

03:05 Shareholding : Institutional Holding as a % of Free Float

03:45 Employee Cost as a % of Net Sales

04:24 Operating Profit Margin

07:16 Constant Currency Revenue Growth YoY%

07:53 Sales & Net Profit CAGR Growths : 5 years, 3 years

08:32 Client Metrics : TCV of New Deal Wins, Number of Active Clients

09:20 Employee Metrics : Revenue per Employee TTM, Gross Utilization, Net Addition in Q3, LTM Attrition %

10:08 Cash Flow Metrics : Free Cash flow as a % of Net Profit Q3 FY22, Receivable Days

11:55 Final Score of the Quantitative Analysis

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