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In this video we visited our bushcraft camp once again. Winter this year is very snowy and it took us exactly an hour to get to our winter shelter from the road. The weather was fine -4 Celsius and about 26 Fahrenheit. It was very sunny during the day, for the first time this winter. Upon arriving at our log cabin, we made a snow shovel to clear our bench and our log table. It was also in our plans to clean the roof of our winter shelter from snow a little in order to reduce the weight of the snow that presses on it. Traces of birds on our feeder told us that we did it not in vain. It remains to make a small canopy of spruce branches so that the snow does not fall on the log itself and does not cover the seeds. For the first time, we managed to capture on video the Woodpecker who has been working with us all this time. To clear the snow on the roof, we built a small ladder made of wood. For lunch we cooked pork ribs. They are prepared according to this recipe in two stages. The first stage is roasting pickled ribs in foil over charcoal. The second is frying the ribs in a suspended state on a side fire. For the ribs, we cooked red onion, white beans in tomato sauce and soy sauce. They brewed Chinese tea Da Hong Pao and Chaga. (the only way to prevent cancer) Prepared some firewood for the future. They put them under a canopy. We did not take a camp stove, because we did not plan to stay overnight.
We wish you all a pleasant viewing!

00:00 we go to bushcraft camp in deep snow
01:00 making a handle for our new snow shovel
01:43 woodpecker filmed close up
02:32 clearing a table and a bench made of logs
03:38 assemble a homemade saw for wood from an aluminum frame
05:00 make a ladder out of wood
08:00 clearing snow from the roof of a log cabin
11:54 making the roof frame of the bird feeder
12:19 light a fire using fire starter and steel
15:06 wrap pork ribs in foil
16:47 we cover the roof of the feeder with spruce branches
18:38 fry pork ribs on a side fire
19:10 put the kettle on fire
19:35 snow flakes fly up
20:53 brewing chaga and da hong pao
21:04 log cabin, inside view
22:00 tasting bushcraft cuisine
23:10 we put sunflower seeds and bacon in the bird feeder
23:50 we warm our winter shelter with snow
25:18 we prepare firewood for the winter
26:07 extinguish the fire with snow
26:30 we leave our bushcraft camp

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